Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey by Brian Hastings, Tony Mora and Alexis Seabrook (Sterling Publishing)

Join us in an undersea world fraught with danger, and meet a very brave girl called Merryn in "Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey"...
Brian Hastings has worked in the videogames industry for the past couple of decades, helming many hit games as part of Insomniac Studios.

Brian's storytelling has branched out into book form already - and we reviewed both the Song of the Deep videogame and novelisation a little while ago. 

Now Brian is back - this time with illustrators Tony Mora and Alexis Seabrook to bring you a picture book version of Merryn's tale.

Merryn is a young girl who lives with her father near the sea. Dad is often away, fishing and gathering scrap - and life is idyllic for most of the time. But when dad goes missing, Merryn has a dream that he is trapped at the bottom of the ocean in his diving bell! She is left no choice but to pull together her own knowledge of tinkering and inventing, building a submarine to go and search the murky depths of the ocean for him.

"Merryn's Journey" follows the plot of the videogame and novelisation, this time with the most glorious illustrations to accompany this version of the tale for younger readers. All of the perils of the deep and the amazing characters Merryn meets have made the transition beautifully, and in fact this is a truly gorgeous looking book indeed.

"Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey" by Brian Hastings, Tony Mora and Alexis Seabrook is out now, published by Sterling Publishing.