Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017! - Our first review of the year is "When an Elephant Falls in Love" by Davide Cali and Alice Lotti (Chronicle Books)

Welcome back, welcome to the blog and welcome to 2017 and our first picture book review of the new year...!
We're taking a look at a lovely little title that was released back in December but sadly missed our Christmas roundup. No matter as it's actually a very good book to prepare yourself for Valentine's Day. What, you haven't seen all the cards and pressie ideas in the shops already? You've been walking around with your eyes closed then!

When Charlotte and I sat down to read "When an Elephant Falls in Love" we both had something different to take away with us from the book.

To Charlotte, the elephant's behaviour is cute and makes for a fun story. For me, it reminded me of those many, many instances where I was that elephant mooning over a lovely lass only to be heartbroken (that was before I met my lovely wife though of course!)

Sometimes there's just nothing else for it. Eat cheesecake!
Elephant is in love. The object of his affection doesn't even know he exists, so he spends a lot of time staring at the clouds in the sky, writing terrible poetry, making sure he's clean and tidy and dressed to the nines. But if his lady elephant love doesn't know who he is, what on earth will he do?

Woe is me, she doesn't even know I exist. Sigh. Heavy deep sigh!

Elephant gets a lovely surprise at the end of the book. Special mention must go to the design of the whole book (particularly if you open the covers and check out how the front and back cover meet!

An utterly perfect little valentines story and a soppy romantic but utterly lovely read at any time of the year!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Elephant vowing to eat healthily to woo his lady love (but ultimately scoffing the last slice of cheesecake instead - yep, been there, done that!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A lovely little touching story of the pangs of falling in love and the highs and lows before you meet 'the one'

(Kindly sent for review by Chronicle Books). 

"When an Elephant Falls in Love" by Davide Cali and Alice Lotti was released on 20th December 2016, published by Chronicle Books.