Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Storytime: Super Chimp by Giles Paley Phillips and Karl Newson (QED Publishing)

Two genuinely awesome folk have teamed up for a truly SUPER book...! Welcome "Superchimp" to our superhero roster!
Giles Paley-Phillips and Karl Newson are two of our fave Twitter chums. They've combined their considerable talents for a new book for little ones that teaches the value of helping others (oh, and doing what your mum tells you when she tells you to do it!)

"Superchimp" is a fast-paced rhyming adventure in the deep dark jungle. All sorts of animals are always getting into trouble, but with a flash of red, a swoosh, a swoop and a swirl - and possibly the world's greatest superhero vehicle (Superchimp's awesome Banana-mobile!) Superchimp is on hand to make sure his friends are safe and well.

There's only one force that Superchimp truly fears (or should that be respects). Superchimp-Mum who wants to make sure even the most awesome Superhero in the jungle is home in time for tea, book and bed!

Your energetic little ones will absolutely LOVE this story, a fantastic rhyming read-aloud book with fabulous illustrations. Go Superchimp!!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Super-strong Superchimp can even juggle lions! He's THAT tough!

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant little story about helping others, with fab rhymes (as we've come to expect from Giles), brilliant illustrations from Karl and some great discussion points at the end for home or class to extend Superchimp's adventures even more. Brill!

(Kindly sent to us for review by QED Publishing)

"Superchimp" by Giles Paley-Phillips and Karl Newson is out now, published by QED Publishing.