Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hiccups by Holly Sterling (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Oh dear! Now here's something we're all too familiar with at ReadItDaddy Towers...
"Hiccups" by Holly Sterling is a fabulous laugh-out-loud read-aloud book!

Both Charlotte and I are horribly ticklish (and doesn't mummy play on that to great effect!). Alas, the more we giggle the more we're likely to break out in a bout of horrid hic-hic-hiccups!

This is the problem facing little Ruby as her cute puppy Oscar gets a terrible bout of doggy hiccups.

Try as she might, Ruby just can't cure them. She tries giving Oscar a drink of water, tries making him jump. Even her special magic spell doesn't seem to work. But what happens in the end? Well we're not going to spoil things for you but if you do know how to cure hiccups, here's a little girl who needs your help!

We love books that positively encourage plenty of 'audience participation' and joining in, and "Hiccups" certainly does that.

A ticklish classic!

"Hiccups" by Holly Sterling is out on 5th January 2017, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review)