Thursday, 19 January 2017

There's Broccoli in my Ice Cream by Emily Mackenzie (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Here's a picture book that may just help with your finicky fussy little eaters from the author-illustrator of "Wanted: Ralfy Rabbit"...Ready to eat your greens?
Fussy eating. If there's one thing guaranteed to make parents throw up their hands in exasperation it's when your little miss or mister suddenly decides that a food that they've loved for years - or indeed a food that is delicious and good for them - really isn't going anywhere near their plate.

Meet Granville, a tiddly little doggy whose family have long extolled the virtues of a nice healthy plate of veg. Mum loves them, dad loves them, uncle loves them - and even grandad loves them and grows them on his allotment.

Unfortunately, Granville wouldn't be seen dead anywhere near a nice healthy brassica - not when there are gooey sticky treats and sugary snacks to eat.

Emily Mackenzie's fun "There's Broccoli in my Ice Cream" shows Granville's family desperately trying to win him over, even sneaking broccoli into one of his most favourite snacks.

But it takes a little love and patience to make Granville see the error of his ways - that and some mucky muddy fun in the allotment.

There's a bit of a mixed message in this book. I'm not sure I could comfortably stomach veg flavoured ice cream but I'm sure if you got Waitrose and Heston on the case, it'd be the new hipster in-thing within seconds!

Charlotte's best bit: Talking about all the weird food combinations we could dream up (Carrot eclairs anyone?)

Daddy's favourite bit: A book that sort of has its heart in the right place, though I think you're really going to struggle getting kids to eat their veg if you mix it with their favourite sticky sweet treats!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bloomsbury)