Thursday, 19 January 2017

Two fantastic new titles in the "Little People, Big Dreams" range featuring Agatha Christie and Marie Curie (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

We're delighted to see a further two new titles added to the fantastic and inspirational "Little people, Big Dreams" series from Frances Lincoln Children's Books and author Isabel Sanchez Vegara.

First, we meet one of the world's most famous mystery writers, a lady whose books have sold by the squillion and have inspired many movies and TV adaptations as well as many writers to take up their pen for the first time.

"Little People, Big Dreams: Agatha Christie" (with illustrations by Elisa Munso and translation by Emma Martinez) chronicles the early life of young Agatha, an inquisitive child with a nose for a mystery.

A self-taught reader who started voraciously consuming books at the age of 5, she was destined to always find a love of literature.

After serving as a nurse during the war, Agatha returned to civilian life and began to write her first novels, dreaming up amazing characters such as Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple.

Gloriously illustrated throughout, the book features more of Agatha's amazing life story at the back of the book for further reading, and lots of great recommendations of other places to find out about this lady's amazing life.

"Little People, Big Dreams" is released on 2nd March 2017, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books.

Also out on the 2nd March is "Little People, Big Dreams: Marie Curie"

Once again written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara, this time illustrated by Frau Isa with translation by Raquel Pitt, we meet one of the most fascinating and accomplished women scientists of the last 200 years. Marie Curie, a hugely important pioneer in the world of medicine, chemistry and physics.

Mme Curie won several Nobel Prizes for her discovery of Radium and Polonium, and their use in the fight against cancer.

Along with her husband Pierre, Marie Curie's thirst for knowledge and amazing discoveries have ensured that many, many lives have been saved through her pioneering techniques, offering a hugely inspirational figure for young scientists to look up to and learn from.

As with the Agatha Christie title, there are even more facts about Marie Curie's amazing life tucked into the back of the book. One of history's greatest scientists without a doubt.

"Little People Big Dreams: Marie Curie" is also released on 2nd March 2017, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books".