Thursday, 9 February 2017

Make and Move Minibeasts by Sato Hisao (Laurence King Publishing)

We're huge fans of Origami - the whole family loves making paper models and the cleverer and more challenging the model, the better!
We were delighted to get a review copy of Sato Hisao's excellent "Make and Move - Minibeasts" published by Laurence King. It's not officially out until the 3rd April but we're taking a sneaky early look at the book.

Kids are obsessed with bugs - it's fair to say that Charlotte still loves nothing better than taking her bug kit out and about with us when we go out exploring, to see what interesting species she can find and look at.

So a book featuring tons of different creepy crawlies to make, and moving ones at that? How could it possibly fail.

We gamely managed to make a wiggly centipede and a cute ladybird but the models were pretty tricky (those of you with an eye for interpreting the instructions should fare better than us but we were stumped a lot of the time).

We will persevere though but take great care detaching the models from their backing sheets so that you don't tear the designs.

The creatures are attractive - and though the book's instructions really didn't work for us, it's still a really interesting activity book for bug fans.

"Make and Move Minibeasts" by Sato Hisao is out on 3rd April, published by Laurence King (kindly supplied for review).