Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Painting-In Book by Anna Rumsby (Laurence King Publishing)

Ahhh, now THIS is right up our street. If there's one thing both of us enjoy it's getting out the poster paints and creating great art...
Anna Rumsby's awesome "The Painting In Book" published later this month by Laurence King is exactly what you want from an artistic project book.

For starters, this book is HYOOOGE so it's perfect for laying out flat on your favourite art table.

The paper is really thick, so can support a lot of wet paint. That's hugely important too, if your little ones are like Charlotte and just keep adding tons and tons of water to their paint (Gah!!)

Best of all the art prompts are genuinely interesting, and will give kids some awesome subjects to paint - things they might not normally paint for themselves (and that's a really great way to learn how to be a better artist, even when you're tiny!)

Give the gorilla a jungle to hide in! Create some honeycomb for the bees! Mix up some delicious flavours of ice cream (you can bet we LOVED that one!)

Create paint masterpieces, with nothing more than your poster paints and Anna Rumsby's entertaining activity pages. A great big book of painting fun! Also contains an introduction to mixing colours and simple, easy-to-copy painting techniques.

We really do love books like these, and there's really no better way to spend the (quite often horribly wet) weekend than by chilling out with some awesome painting. 

"The Painting In Book" by Anna Rumsby is out on 20th February, published by Laurence King (kindly supplied for review).