Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My Mum is Fantastic by Nick Butterworth (Walker Books)

Here's an adorable little board book that might be an early shoe-in for a surprise Mothers Day pressie very soon!
"My Mum is Fantastic" by Nick Butterworth is a timely re-release in board book format.

If there's one thing that should always be trumpeted from the rooftops, it's just how amazing mums really are. They're superheroes, domestic goddesses, they can leap tall washing piles in a single bound, and they ALWAYS know where your trainers are if you've lost them.

Purposely keeping the word count down allows Nick's gorgeous illustrations to come to the fore, as Mum goes through her day performing near-superhuman feats of awesomeness.

Dads do get a look in too, so look out later in the year for "My Dad is Brilliant" (though when pressed, Charlotte really couldn't tell you who was the more awesome, Dad or Mum!)

"My Mum is Fantastic" and "My Dad is Brilliant" are both out now, published by Walker Books (kindly supplied for review).