Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Naughty Naughty Baddies by Mark Sperring and David Tazzyman (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Four of the naughtiest baddies hatch a plan in this deviously delicious new picture book...
"The Naughty Naughty Baddies" by Mark Sperring and David Tazzyman starts off by introducing us to four of the naughtiest, nastiest and downright mischievous characters you could ever hope to meet.

They love getting up to no good. They love causing chaos and catastrophe wherever they go but they're about to come up with a plan so devious, so downright  dastardly, so NAUGHTY that it may even make the headlines on the 10 O'Clock news.

The four miscreants decide to creep (they're extremely good at creeping) into the Royal Palace to sneak off with the Queen's beloved dog's spots.

Yes, you read that right - sneak in and steal the spots right off the poor pooch's back.

At first the plan goes swimmingly as they creep their way past the dozy guards, sneak past the king (who, ugh, is rather busy on the toilet - WITH THE DOOR OPEN as Charlotte pointed out, how rude!) and creep past the queen (who is far too busy trying on crowns to notice what they're up to!)

So delighted with their expert skills in misbehaviour, the four giggle out loud and the jig is up!!

Will the four escape being clapped in irons, thrown in the royal dungeons and live to be naughty another day?

You'll have to catch up with this book to find out. It's a hugely entertaining read-aloud book with plenty of opportunity for a bit of audience participation if you're reading it to a bunch of kids. Lots of creeping and cackling abound!

Brilliant and original, just the way we love our picture books.

"The Naughty Naughty Baddies" by Mark Sperring and David Tazzyman is out on 3rd March 2017, Published by Bloomsbury (Kindly sent for review). 

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