Tuesday 14 February 2017

This Bear, That Bear by Sian Wheatcroft (Templar Publishing)

Bouncing bear-flavoured rhymes abound in a new book by Sian Wheatcroft. Can there be anything better than a bear?
"This Bear, That Bear" is a fabulous rhyming book for little ones, gathering together just about every shape and size of bear that you can possibly imagine.

Thin bears, fat bears, tall bears, short bears - even a geek-chic bear (with wonderful springy legs).

Sian's rhymes really reminded us of "Pants" and "More Pants" by Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt but that's all for the better, we love a book that's fun to read aloud and "This Bear, That Bear" most certainly is.

Join in the bear parade, and don't forget your own teddy too!

Brrr! Ice bear looks like me at the moment in this wintry weather!
So many cool little bear characters that kids will all find a favourite.

Nifty headgear Mr Bear!
"This Bear, That Bear" by Sian Wheatcroft is out now, published by Templar Publishing (kindly sent for review).