Monday, 13 February 2017

Two fabulous new books for tiny toddlers from awesome publishers Child's Play - New for 2017!

Child's Play always have an eye for fabulous books for early years and they're getting 2017 off to a very busy start with two brand new books for younger children.

In "My Tail's Not Tired" by Jana Novotny Hunter and Paula Bowles, you'll meet the most mischievous and adorable little monster ever!

Little Monster has a lot of energy and every single part of her body likes to move in different ways.

Children will love joining in as Big Monster and Little Monster wiggle and wriggle their way through the day, with a tail that won't stop waving to and fro, eyes that won't close, legs and feet that love to jump and bound, and of course a wiggly monster bottom!

But what happens when it's time for bed? Will Little Monster ever settle? Poor Big Monster is getting worn out!

A fabulous book for children to join in the actions with, and a fun read-aloud story.

"My Tail's Not Tired" by Jana Novotny Hunter and Paula Bowles is out now, published by Child's Play. 

We also loved "Quiet!" by Kate Alizadeh. It's a busy noisy house and one little girl can hear all the noises happening all around her.

Take a moment or two out of your busy day to stop, listen and hear all the sounds that the house makes. Is that the fridge whirring? Are the radiators singing? 

The text and sensory clues to be found in this enchanting, inclusive picture book allow us to experience our home through its many noises. Auditory landmarks help all children to become familiar with daily routines, and can be particularly important to those who are blind or partially sighted.

It's also another wonderful "join-in" book and younger children will love making all the noises in the book themselves. 

"Quiet" by Kate Alizadeh is out now, published by Child's Play. (Both books kindly supplied for review)