Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Happy Sad Feeling Glad by Yasmeen Ismail (Laurence King Publishing)

This is another beaut of a title from the "Draw and Discover" range by Yasmeen Ismail...time to explore our feelings...!It goes against everything we've always been taught about books but the fabulous Draw and Discover range from Laurence King / Yasmeen Ismail invite you to draw all over this fabulous book.

"Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad" is a wonderful doodle-along title helping children explore their feelings and emotions alongside a whole gang of endearing characters.

Sometimes Cat is sad. Sometimes puppy is happy, but you can help each friend in need with your awesome drawing skills and colouring prowess.

How? Well take a look at a couple of sample page spreads and you'll understand what we mean...

Oh dear, poor cat is gloomy. Can you help by drawing Cat a lovely colourful brolly?
Yasmeen's fantastically simple line art style gives you some pointers with each page spread, inviting you to finish off the image by drawing perhaps a fantastic umbrella for a very sad cat or even...

How about a lovely bunch of flowers for Donkey's birthday?
...some glorious flowers for Donkey's birthday treat!

Drawing and painting, colouring and doodling are always fun to do - better still when mum or dad can sit alongside and help out (which is often how things happen at home, I just can't resist 'assisting' Charlotte though I'm pretty sure she'd rather I didn't!)

Can you draw lots of bubbles and some slooshy water for a bathtime treat?
A thoroughly great idea and beautifully presented too.

"Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad" by Yasmeen Ismail is out now, published by Laurence King (kindly supplied for review).