Monday, 24 April 2017

Three fantastic new titles from a fab new publisher this April. Welcome New Frontier Publishing!

New Frontier Publishing are putting their stamp on 2017 with a fantastic first year of brilliant, original and innovative children's titles arriving this year.
They're kicking off this April with three titles to give you a fantastic introduction to their wares, the first of which is "Edward and the Great Discovery" by Rebecca McCritchie and Celeste Hulme.

Edward wants to follow in his parents and grandparents footsteps.  The problem is that Edward's mum and dad, grandma and grandad are all world-renowned archaeologists (and I LOVE that here's a children's book that kicks right off from the get-go introducing kids to a huge word like that and all that's associated with it - BIG tick for that).

Alas Edward, despite his brave efforts, has never found a thing of note - until one day he discovers a rather large egg.

He takes it home, cares for it, keeps it warm - but what eventually hatches? We'd be rotters if we spoiled the big reveal, suffice to say that Edward's new friend teaches him a valuable life lesson or two - and may also help Edward join the ranks of hallowed archaeological folk after all.

It's a lovely little book this, fun and original with a heartwarming moral tale wrapped up with some rather splendid artwork too.

"Edward and the Great Discovery" by Rebecca McRitchie and Celeste Hulme is available now, published by New Frontier. 

Next we'll take a look at another title that had us drooling at the thought of an amazing confection-laden creation.

In "My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree" the story of one little boy's flight of fancy unfolds with daydreams and grand schemes of being the Jelly Bean King, feasting on flavourful sweeties grown on a magical tree.

It goes without saying that books featuring sweets are always guaranteed to prove a huge hit with little ones, and as the boy's fabulous dreams are described in detail we couldn't help wondering what it would be like to rule in a jelly kingdom ourselves.

A fabulous dreamy story again with brilliant colourful artwork, "My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree" by Maura Finn and Aura Parker is out now, published by New Frontier Publishing. 

If there's one thing kids love as much as sweeties it's dinosaurs!

In "How Many Dinosaurs Deep" a little boy called Jim is a bit nervous about stepping up from the splash pool to the 'big pool' at his local swimming baths.

Mum comes up with an innovative way to help Jim understand how deep the new pool is.

Drawing on the names of dinosaurs, Jim starts to think of the watery depths in Dino terms. As deep as the toes on a Stegosaurus? Perhaps enough water to cover a Megalodon's tail?

The perfect book for children who might be in the same position as Jim, just branching out from paddling onto proper swimming - with a fun Dino theme to help them along their way.

"How Many Dinosaurs Deep" by Ben Kitchin and Vicky Fieldhouse is out now, published by New Frontier Publishing. 

Look out for more from this fab publisher soon, and don't forget to check out their website here.