Monday, 17 April 2017

Hug Me Please, by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak (Words and Pictures)

"Oh no, another baby book!" wailed Charlotte as we unwrapped this one for review. But never, ever EVER judge a book by its cover, little one!
"Hug Me, Please" by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak is just the sort of picture book we like. A picture book that has a nice simple story, beautiful illustrations and more than a few surprises up its sleeve to head off 'cynical madam' who will often wail and moan about reading certain books, then adjust her view once they turn out to be brilliant.

As "Hug Me, Please" is - a daddy bear and his little cub are out for a walk. Little Bear decides that today will be a day of hugs, and so they both decide to catch up with their old friend Mr Beaver - a slightly curmudgeonly old sort but in dire need of a big fat bear-shaped hug.

As the two make their way through the forest, they meet a lot of animals, who are alarmed at first at the sight of two great big long-clawed huggy bears, but soon get used to the idea of being hugged quite firmly by this enthusiastic pair. The hares even offer up some carrots (relucantly) to our two huggy heroes - but bears aren't really in it for the veggies are they!

As Daddy and Little Bear head for home, there's a nagging feeling that they've missed someone out. But who?

We'll let you discover that little surprise for yourself. This is a really beautiful snuggly little book, brilliantly illustrated and written and if you don't fall in love with the various exasperated expressions of the animals when they realise "Resistance is futile. You will be hugged" then there's no saving you!

"Hug Me, Please!" by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak is out now, published by Words and Pictures (kindly supplied for review).