Tuesday, 18 April 2017

There's a Walrus in my Bed by Ciara Flood (Andersen Children's Books)

Oh dear, poor little Flynn just wants to get to sleep in his brand new bed. But mum and dad aren't convinced...
"There's a Walrus in my Bed" sets out a brilliantly entertaining little story that's sure to appeal to kids (and parents) who are just trying to get settled into their first 'big bed' after perhaps spending years languishing in the luxury of a cot.

Flynn has just taken delivery of a brand new bed himself - there's just one problem, he can't actually get into it because a rather large fat harrumphing great Walrus has taken up residence and refuses to budge.

Mum and Dad have never heard of a Walrus bed and think that Flynn is just making up tall stories. As he grabs a midnight snack for the beast (who isn't really hungry) and a glass of milk, Flynn soon realises that there's only one thing for it - get Walrus to go and crash in on Mum and Dad instead!

Ciara's beautifully detailed illustrations are a gorgeous accompaniment to this imaginative and amusing tale (and we loved those end papers too!)

"There's a Walrus in my Bed" by Ciara Flood is out now, published by Andersen Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).