Wednesday 24 May 2017

Children's Discovery Atlas by Anita Ganeri and Sara Lynn Cramb (QED Publishing)

There are so many fantastic books that encourage kids to 'travel the world' within the confines of their pages, discovering tons of amazing facts about our wonderful planet...
Anita Ganeri and Sara Lynn Cramb have put together the awesome "Discovery Atlas" which aims to draw younger kids into the fascinating subject of Geography, through superb design and illustration as well as tons and tons of interesting geographical and cultural facts and snippets.

Delving into the book, the presentation is top notch and each page spread shows off a different continent.

There's truly something for everyone as kids learn about that part of the world, the animals that live there, the people and cultures that inhabit it, and some of the man-made and natural features that are wondrous to behold.

"Fast Facts" help you get up to speed in each chosen region. Here's The Middle East
Using a mixture of thumbnail photos and wonderful graphics, the book is instantly accessible and can be integrated into classroom discussions and projects as children start to dig into Geography as a subject at school.

The United States of America. Can you name all 50 states?
Colourful maps are purposely kept simple so that kids can get used to the shapes of countries and continents.

Our world. Do you know where we live?
Keys and fast facts box-outs also draw kids in, serving up bite-sized nuggets of information ready to digest.

It's a hugely attractive atlas and just as much fun to flick through at home as it is in class.

"Children's Discovery Atlas" by Anita Ganeri and Sara Lynn Cramb is out on 25th May 2017, published by QED Publishing (kindly supplied for review).