Wednesday 24 May 2017

The Big Bad Mood by Tom Jamieson and Olga Demidova (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

You know what it's like some mornings when you wake up and feel like nothing's going to plan...
That's exactly how George feels in "The Big Bad Mood" by Tom Jamieson and Olga Demidova.

He's grumpy, he's tetchy, he keeps throwing tantrums. Doesn't want to share any of his toys, constantly slamming doors and answering back.

George's big bad mood gets so bad that it actually appears right in front of him, a huge mischievous beast ready to create utter havoc.

As George and his new companion stalk through the town, George suddenly realises that there's more to life than being a big grump. There are friends, for example, who can turn your frown into a smile, and flip your mood on its head.

The Big Bad Mood doesn't like that though. Can George really make that big bad mood disappear?

It's a tried and tested formula for a story, pleasingly brought to life by Tom and Olga. It might just put you in a fantastic mood all day!

"The Big Bad Mood" by Tom Jamieson and Olga Demidova is out now, published by Bloomsbury Children's books (kindly supplied for review).