Wednesday 24 May 2017

Create your Own Fantastic Quest by Andrew and Chris Judge (Scholastic)

Those of you with a slightly nervous disposition when it comes to maiming books may want to look away now...
Still with us? Phew that's good because this may be one of those instances where you're allowed to get away with such uncouth behaviour. In fact "Create your Own Fantastic Quest" demands that you treat this book like your very own quest journal, including lots of page folding (ARRRGH!), doodling and scribbling (EEEEEEH!) and even page tearing (OHMYGODNONONONONO!)

But it's all in a good cause, brave adventurer. You are the hero of this particular tale and your magic powers (of doodling and adventuring) are very much needed.

The book gently introduces you to an epic tale of finding treasure, defeating nefarious baddies and learning a bit of magic along the way.

If you've ever been into those awesome "Choose your own adventure" books, you'll love the way this book teasingly does a bit of that - along with some hilarious setups to ensure that fantasy loving kids are going to have a high old time with this one. I dread to think what the book will look like at the end of it though.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning how to do some magical maths early on in the book.

Daddy's favourite bit: Who could resist a magical teacher called Lord Moldy Vort.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Create Your Own Fantastic Quest" by Andrew and Chris Judge is out now, published by Scholastic.