Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Design, Animate and Create with Computer Graphics by Max Wainewright (QED Publishing)

Wow, kids are getting into computers so much earlier these days...and it's not hard to see why!
The onslaught of the internet, and the chance to upload crazy videos to YouTube is obviously a very tempting prospect for geek kids everywhere, who have perfect their own video channels showing you how to build clever stuff in Minecraft, or just showing off some daft antics their pets are getting up to.

Max Wainewright's new book "Design, Animate and Create with Computer Graphics" is a masterclass in making your videos and animations look as 'pro' as possible.

Nothing makes a video 'pop' like adding some nifty effects, or perhaps even taking your cues from Hollywood and going for a real 'big budget' monster or two.


It's all in the book with great page spreads like this:

Dino disaster. Time to run before you get scoffed!
The book covers the basics of photo montages, and often opts for using tools you should get with your laptop or PC as standard (which is just as well, professional animation and movie making packages can cost an arm and a leg!)

It's a really neat visual approach to letting kids hone their skills, with tons of easy to follow tutorials.

Charlotte had a lot of fun with this (though I think it's fair to say that nearly all of her creations featured cats in some way - almost guaranteed to be a future internet video-making megastar in that case!)

Become the next Spielberg or Pixar, delve into this fascinating book today!

"Design, Animate and Create Computer Graphics" by Max Wainewright is out now, published by QED / Quarto.

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