Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Rockabye Pirate by Timothy Knapman and Ada Grey (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

Pirates. If there's one particular bunch of characters who still seem to be top of children's reading lists, it's those salty buccaneers, sailing the seven seas and usually up to no good...
But what happens when it's booty bedtime and little pirates need to be tucked up and snuggly?

"Rockabye Pirate" is a fab new book from Timothy "Eleanor's Eyebrows" Knapman and Ada Grey. This dynamic duo turn their attention to bedtime as a bunch of unruly pirates settle down for the night, but first they go through a very similar bedtime routine to you and me.

Nice clean hands (and hooks), washed pirate hair, sparkling clean teeth (for gnawing on all that gold loot) and perhaps a quick story before it's time to drift off into a deep sleep, dreaming dreams of fabulous pirate ships and loot a-plenty.

A perfect piratical yarn to get your little ones ready for bed.

"Rockabye Pirate" by Timothy Knapman and Ada Grey is out now, published by Bloomsbury Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).