Monday, June 5, 2017

Curious Jane: Science and Design and Engineering for Inquisitive Girls by Samantha Razook Murphy, Elissa Josse and Bethany Robertson (Sterling Children's Books)

Our second Book of the Week this week is absolutely bang on trend for science-hungry girls (and boys) who will love this mix of make and do skills with tons of practical fun...
The Curious Jane collective comprising Samantha Razook Murphy, Elissa Josse and Bethany Robertson are fast becoming the 'go to' across the pond for fabulous topics for science-hungry girls (and boys of course!)

Their "Curious Jane" website details the science camps that are the core of the organisation's ethos of bringing science to the masses in newly engaging ways (and gawd do I wish we had them over here in the UK).

In the meantime we're making do with the collective's awesome first book. Strong on STEM subjects and dishing up an absolute ton of makes, DIY science experiments and fabulous presentation, this is a book that's literally fizzing with fabulous ideas.

The presentation is bang on, done in a sort of tween journal style which is instantly appealing.

Though some of the experiments are fairly familiar (balloon powered cars, making fun explosions in your back garden with bicarbonate of soda) the book's 'voice' feels all new and quite engaging for Charlotte who wants a little more than just a rather flat set of diagrams setting up an experiment.

It's brilliant stuff. We are reaching near-saturation point with science books that do very similar things but this one really does hit all the right spots for mighty girls who want to show off their science skills.

Charlotte's best bit: Using just a few kitchen cupboard ingredients to make things that explode!

Daddy's favourite bit: Innovative experiments, brilliant makes, fabulous presentation. All the things we look for in a science book.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Curious Jane - Science + Design + Engineering for inquisitive girls" is out now, published by Sterling Children's Books. 

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