Thursday 20 July 2017

Mummy! by Lerryn Korda (Nosy Crow / British Museum)

Visiting the British Museum recently on a blisteringly hot sunny day was quite an experience...
One thing we completely missed was the huge exhibition of Egyptian artefacts (I know, I know, but try as I might I just couldn't get Charlotte to go in there - she thinks mummies are a bit icky and didn't want to chance seeing them).

So it's a stroke of luck we can live out our egyptological meanderings vicariously with the aid of a fantastic new Lift the Flap book from Nosy Crow. Working in conjunction with the British Museum, "Mummy!" is a fun story of a little girl's search for her mummy. No, not the bandaged groaning slightly icky kind, but the lovely cuddly kind.

Each page spread in this robust little board book gives little ones the chance to not only find hidden things (like a mummy crocodile and her baby) but will also teach little ones real-life heiroglyphics for each of the hidden objects tucked within this book.

We are completely blown away by the idea of producing a history series for the very young. Nosy Crow and the British Museum have been releasing some truly wonderful little books of late, and we're seriously hoping this collaboration continues for other eras in history (Tudors next! Tudors next! Sorry but Charlotte is a little bit obsessed about the Tudors at the moment).

Utterly fantastic!

Charlotte's best bit: The awesome double-pump when you find a sarcophagus in the book and have to reveal its contents.

Daddy's favourite bit: What an utterly genius idea, a brilliant little history book for the very young to stimulate their interest and curiosity right from the get-go. Awesome stuff.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Mummy" by Lerryn Korda is out now, published by Nosy Crow / British Museum