Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What on Earth? Bees by Dr Andrea Quigley and Paulina Morgan (QED Publishing).

You'll get a buzz from this one, we promise...It's the fantastic "What on Earth?" series, this time focusing on "Bees"...
Bees are vitally important to our well being. Not just because they give us yummy honey (is there anything better when you're feeling a bit down than a huge thick slice of toast with butter and honey on it?) but because they're a hugely important part of our world. Bees pollinate plants, and without them plant species would die out - and we probably would too!

So here's a fact-filled book that will win you over, if you haven't been a bee fan before, you certainly will once you've dipped into this book.

"What on Earth? Bees" sounds like something you'd scream just before jumping into a lake, but Dr Andrea Quigley has put together an astonishing book full of amazing facts and figures about our buzzy busy little neighbours, and one that will help you kit your garden out with lots of bee-friendly plants, and places for them to live.

The book delves into history, and how we first started domesticating bees and harvesting their honey, but it also takes the approach of describing more about their physiology, behaviour, social patterns and of course looks at all the amazing species across the planet (did you know that there are even bees that make honecombs in a spiral pattern? How cool is that!)

Paulina's illustrations are wonderful (particularly the way she draws not only bees but the humans in this book too).

Glorious stuff, fascinating and immersive as you'd hope a great non-fic book would be.

"What on Earth? Bees" by Dr Andrea Quigley and Paulina Morgan is out now, published by QED.

(Kindly supplied for review).