Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Two gorgeous new books for little ones from innovative Tate Publishing

Tate Publishing really do produce some of the most beautiful books on the market, and two new books for very little ones demonstrate their commitment to giving kids a visual feast right from their earliest book memories...
Starting with "Whose Eyes are These?" by Virginie Gobert-Martin and Madeline Peirsman, children are invited to guess which animal the big bold illustrated eyes belong to.

With each turn of the page you'll meet the animal in question, and then you can see that animal in a gorgeous stylised page spread where they hide out in their natural habitats.

Can you spot the Stag? Not easy, he's good at blending in. 
You also get a neat description of the animal both after the reveal, and at the back of the book where facts and interesting information are given about each creature.

Stunning illustrations throughout compliment the text perfectly, and this is one that is sure to cause gasps of delight with every turn of the page.

"Whose Eyes are These?" by Virginie Gobert-Martin and Madeline Peirsman is out now, published by Tate Publishing. 

Next from Tate is something entirely different, in fact I don't think we've ever seen a book for younger children that can change around to be a different experience every time...

Cheeky and fun designs abound in "This Way, That Way" by Antonio Ladrillo. Readers are invited to flick through the book, but also to change the book as they go along.

Each page has separate sections to overlay, corners to fold in half and diagonally, mixing and matching the smiley colourful shape characters throughout.

It's a very clever use of the square small picture book format - and though we're so protective of our books and hate the idea of folding pages over (yipes!) we can see just how entertaining this would be.

Antonio has purposely produced a wordless book so that children can enjoy making up their own stories about the shape characters, which despite their simplicity are absolutely full of personality and fun.

Such an attractive and original idea!

"This Way, That Way" by Antonio Ladrillo is out now, published by Tate Publishing. 

(Both titles kindly supplied for review).