Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Tug of War" by Naomi Howarth (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Here's a fabulous modern fable featuring an animal character we really don't see enough of in children's books...
Who can resist a fantastic tortoise character in a children's story? They may be slow, they may seem a little dim but they'll outlive us all - and sometimes all they need is a friend.

That's the premise of "Tug of War" by Naomi Howarth.

Tortoise tries his best to befriend his jungle neighbours, but they're too big and far too snooty to want to associate with a wrinkly slow and rather daft old tortoise.

Elephant doesn't want anything to do with this curious beast, after all he's the biggest and most powerful animal in the jungle...

On your way Tortoise!
Hippo isn't much better. Blessed with powerful jaws and easily the strongest animal out there, he also thinks Tortoise is a complete waste of space.

Poor tortoise indeed!
But a rather beautiful bird decides it's time to pitch in and help. Between the two of them, they hatch a plan to put both Elephant and Hippo in their place.

Will this be enough to show that tortoises shouldn't be underestimated?

This gloriously illustrated story is tons of fun, and if you aren't completely lost in those amazing illustrations, you'll love the gentle moral tale as it wraps to a satisfying conclusion. Lovely lovely stuff.

Charlotte's best bit: Tortoise demonstrating that being slow, and being wrinkly doesn't mean you're stupid.

Daddy's favourite bit: A truly beautiful book this, a great modern fable with some of the best illustrations we've seen so far this year. Naomi is a supremely talented lady.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Tug of War" by Naomi Howarth is out on 3rd August, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books. 

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