Monday, 30 October 2017

Pony in the City by Wendy Wahman (Sterling Publising)

Here's a horsey tale that's a real hoot! Meet Otis, the inquisitive pony who fancies a bit of a wander...
"Pony in the City" introduces curious Otis. He's a horse who has lots of friends who know just how to brush his mane and tail, and know all the things he likes to eat for a treat.

Otis the pony has so many questions about the children who come to ride at the stables though.

Do they sleep in stalls, too? Do they also get brushed and braided?

But the other ponies just have no patience to answer Otis's questions. They think he's a bit of a pest in all honesty.

Poor Otis - but one day Otis manages to crash through the fence of the farm where he lives and so he sets off into the city to find out the answers himself!

He makes for a strange sight indeed - a beautiful pony walking around the streets but soon Otis discovers children do sleep in stalls (kind of)!

They do get brushed and braided!

And when he gets lost among all the tall buildings, they even him help him find his way back to the stables, where he's soon bombarded by questions from all the other ponies about what children are really like.

This is a lovely little story full of neat little moments, and one that's sure to satisfy curious little minds who want to find out what happens when a Pony hits the big city!

Beautiful stuff!

Charlotte's best bit: Awww, poor Otis has to hide under trash from the nasty Pony Inspectors, in case they take him away and lock him up!

Daddy's favourite bit: We really loved Otis' sense of curiosity, very much like a certain little girl sitting not too far away from me. He has questions and finds the best way to find answers sometimes is to go and find them yourself!

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Pony in the City" by Wendy Wahman is out now, published by Sterling Publishing.