Friday 6 October 2017

ReaditDaddy's Second Book of the Week - Week Ending 6th October 2017 - "The Marvellous Moon Map" by Teresa Heapy and David Litchfield (Red Fox Picture Books)

Our Second Picture Book of the week is just the sort of lovely book we adore at this time of year. Perfect for cuddling up with on chilly nights when the moon is full...
In fact the moon is the focus of this gorgeous little tale, the first collaboration between two of our most favourite kidlit folk. Teresa Heapy, known for her amazing "Very Little" series (with Sue Heap) and David Litchfield, whose gloriously atmospheric books never stray far from our Book of the Week slot (particularly the truly gorgeous "The Bear and the Piano")

Both have teamed up for a lovely story about friendship, determination and perhaps even a touch of magic...Let's unfold "The Marvellous Moon Map".

Bear and Mouse are best friends and one day Mouse makes an announcement. He has decided to go on a grand expedition to the moon. He's spent ages preparing "The Marvellous Moon Map" and has set his sights high, it's the moon or bust!

Bear, of course, is naturally worried about his little friend and decides to try and help wherever he can. But sometimes mouse's bristly stubborn streak makes it very difficult for Bear to tag along, offer help and keep his BFF out of trouble.

Perhaps though, when it comes to the crunch, Mouse might realise that sometimes you need more than just a map when you're out on an epic journey like his.

There's a wonderful lyrical lilt to Teresa's storytelling as the two friends bond over the shared experience of achieving mouse's whimsical goal. Needless to say the illustrations in this book twinkle, sparkle and dazzle with David's trademark touch of beautiful rim-lit magic throughout.

Best of all, budding makers will find something of a treat at the back of the book. We won't spoil things too much for you, suffice to say that you'll definitely enjoy following in mouse's footsteps with an epic piece of origami.

Charlotte's best bit: Making the object described above, and making her own moon map.

Daddy's favourite bit: A truly sublime slice of storytelling from two of the best book folk around, absolutely certain to win you over just as it has us.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"The Marvellous Moon Map" by Theresa Heapy and David Litchfield is out now, published by Red Fox Picture Books.