Monday 9 October 2017

Treasure Hunt by Alice Melvin (Tate Books)

Here's a really lovely idea for your avid little collectors who love picking up bits and bobs on their travels...
Alice Melvin's delightful "Treasure Hunt" is a beautifully presented keepsake book that encourages little ones to explore their world, and find interesting bits and bobs to stick on every page (obviously with mum and dad's permission of course, you don't want your little ones hacking buttons off your favourite shirt or blouse with a pair of scissors!)

Alice takes us on a journey, with glorious illustrations to help your little ones find the perfect object or specimen to stick in this lovely journal...

Meet Alice Melvin, as she introduces children to the fine art of collecting
It's a neat idea, particularly if (like us) you seem to just end up with drawer after drawer of things that really don't belong anywhere except in a bits and bobs drawer! Here then is the perfect excuse to get creative with your found treasure items.

All you need is glue, some keepsakes and a little imagination!
Parents can join in, helping kids find just the perfect 'thing' to stick into each page spread.

This was our favourite page spread, find some interesting stamps from around the world
A beautiful book, wonderfully illustrated, written and presented (and it'd make a really good christmas present for you forward-thinking folk who are well ahead with your christmas shopping!)

"Treasure Hunt" by Alice Melvin is out now, published by Tate Books (kindly supplied for review).