Tuesday 31 October 2017

We Travel So Far by Laura Knowles and Chris Madden (Words and Pictures)

Time for an amazing animal book, this time one for younger readers who love learning about all the different species right across the planet...
In fact "We Travel So Far" really is a globetrotting book in more ways than one, as it focuses on the amazing journeys many animals make, as they migrate from one part of their habitat to another, sometimes spanning thousands of miles in their migratory behaviour.

This is the sort of amazing book that would be such a brilliant addition to any early years programme where animals are a key subject.

Learning early on about a huge number of different types of animal, but also learning a lot about what they do and how they live their lives really stimulates children into wanting to learn and find out even more, and also instils in them a sense that these animals really should be protected for many generations to come.

The illustrations are utterly amazing...

Zebras at home on the Serengeti plains. 
We also love the fact that despite the purposely sparse word count, each page spread imparts a huge amount of information about each animal.

The awesome Leatherback Turtle (Charlotte REALLY loves these!) can travel up to 10,000 KM in search of food and a place to lay their eggs. Wow!
Books that encourage that level of curiosity can only be a good thing, and this is definitely one of the best examples we've seen for the 3-5 year age range (and it easily appeals to older kids too).

I see Caribou, can you?
"We Travel So Far" by Laura Knowles and Chris Madden is out now, published by Words and Pictures (kindly supplied for review).