Monday, 27 November 2017

A peek at two fantastic modern plays from Oberon Books. "Rapunzel" and "Oliver Twist" (Oberon)

Oberon Publishing have a well-established back catalogue of fantastic modern plays for children to perform, and they've been kind enough to send us a couple of plays to take a look at...
We couldn't resist dipping into "Rapunzel" first. This fantastic treatment of the classic fairy story by Annie Siddons was first performed by the Kneehigh Theatre Company in December 2006.

Changing up the familiar story a little bit to give it a contemporary appeal, we meet Rapunzel who has a happy and idyllic childhood at first. When Rapunzel grows into a beautiful young woman she suddenly finds herself locked in a tower.

But this is Rapunzel as you've never seen her before - tough, sassy, a survivor, a lover, a fighter - and life has a whole lot more in store for her yet.

Set in Italy, the home of this ancient folk tale, 'Rapunzel' or 'The Magic Pig' is a lively, funny, passionate story of abandonment and loyalty, love and betrayal, complete with mafia bosses, magic bushes, evil princes and a wonderfully helpful pig.

"Rapunzel" by Annie Siddons is available now, published by Oberon. 

We also took a look at a fantastic version of a truly adored classic, "Oliver Twist" by Anya Reiss.

Anya's bombastic and thoroughly energetic version of Charles Dickens' original story tells the tale of Oliver, a young orphan boy in Victorian London.

Oliver's early life is tinged with tragedy, and he suffers a brutal regime at the local workhouse.

But life takes a twist here and there (sorry, couldn't resist that one) and in Anya's retelling, Oliver's sad story becomes a hugely positive tale of finding one's inner strength, of redemption and epiphany - and of this young boy's determination to squeeze more out of his life than he'd ever dreamed possible.

It's a cracking version of the tale and suitable for ages 6 and up.

"Oliver Twist" by Anya Reiss and Charles Dickens is out now, published by Oberon.

(Both books kindly supplied for review)