Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Charlie and Mouse and Grumpy by Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes (Chronicle)

It's the return of a toddler twosome! Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes return with a new chapter (or three) in the lives of Charlie and Mouse...
In "Charlie and Mouse & Grumpy", the two adorable little kids are excited. Grumpy is coming to visit!

Now, it doesn't sound like much of a cause for celebration - but Grumpy is their beloved Grandad, and he might be a bit of a grumpy soul at times - but just like Charlotte's Grandad, he soon cheers up at the prospect of catching up with his grandkids.

There are three little stories tucked between the covers of this book, discussing hugely important topics like how big you've grown (Medium!), how many hot dogs you can eat (at least three, with mustard) and of course when is the correct time to pounce on your snoozing relatives (well, when they're snoozing obviously!)

There's so much character in Laurel's story, aided by some truly gorgeous illustrations from mega-talented Emily.

Grumpy Night! It's more fun than it sounds, trust Charlie and Mouse on this one!
We both loved the fact that this is a book that so many kids will love reading with their own grandparents (yes, even Grumpy Grampy!)

Grumpy brings the hot dogs! Time to tuck in!
Beautifully observed, and a real treat for little ones as the three stories unfold.

"Charlie and Mouse and Grumpy" by Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes is out now, published by Chronicle (kindly supplied for review).