Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures by Matt Sewell (Pavilion Children's Books)

We've been wowed by Matt's awesome bird books - but now he turns his hand to something a little larger...!
Though you might be able to argue that birds are very closely related to Dinosaurs, ancestrally there's definitely more to learn about our prehistoric forefathers in "Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures" by Matt Sewell.

Matt is an amazing artist, known as "The Banksy of Birds" (which is quite a cool title to be known by, we reckon). Now he looks like establishing a cool reputation for being fantastic at bringing us a ton of amazing facts about dinosaurs.

This book not only covers species and dinosaurs we're all familiar with. Matt expertly digs into the more obscure types of dinosaur to find ones you may not have heard of.

Not just Dinosaurs either, prehistoric birds also feature (as you might expect from Matt).

Packed with beautiful and delicate illustrations and interesting information on these amazing creatures, this book goes beyond most dinosaurs books by offering a bang-up-to-date set of info on dinosaur appearance, colour and habits. 

The T-Rex. Surely has to be most people's fave dino, no?

It's a fab book for a range of ages too, from the very young right up to Charlotte's age and beyond. 

When I was a kid this was my fave dino. I even had a clockwork one that walked and moved its head up and down
As you can see from the illustrations, it's such a gorgeous book, definitely worthy of a place in anyone's collection. 

Dippy! How we've missed you!
"Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures" by Matt Sewell is out now, published by Pavilion Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).