Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"Tales for the Telling" by Edna O'Brien and Michael Foreman (Palazzo)

We truly love anthology books, and it's nice to see more arriving on bookshelves - as we'd often assumed they were somewhat in danger of dying out completely...
There's nothing like a decent sized story tome though, particularly as an early stocking stuffer for Christmas, so it's with exquisite timing that Edna O'Brien and Michael Foreman's awesome "Tales for the Telling: Irish Folk and Fairy Tales" is being reprinted by Palazzo in a fabulous attractive hardback format.

Fusing together Michael's gorgeous watercolour illustrations with Edna's wonderful retelling of traditional folk tales, this is definitely a 'keeper' and a book that's destined to be read and re-read.

There's quite a diverse collection of stories inside, ranging from exciting stories about mythical quests to more fun and lightweight stories about Leprehauns (Leprehauns - not misspelt - are the tiny little shoemaker folk of Irish legend, and could be the key to vast riches if you manage to capture one!)

Yipes! Don't look up when there's a giant above you!
We loved reading these, perfect little bite-sized stories to enjoy before bedtime.

Eye Eye (eye!) at least he's got his mother's nose (give it back darling, there's a dear!)
Very much the sort of book we thoroughly enjoy reviewing.

"Tales for the Telling" by Edna O'Brien and Michael Foreman is out now, published by Palazzo (kindly supplied for review). 

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