Thursday 23 November 2017

Girls who Rocked the World by Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

Here's a fantastically inspirational book, reclad and reprinted with an all-new mighty girl cover - it's the fantastic "Girls who Rocked the World" by Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden...
There has been a colossal and very welcome upsurge in this type of book, in fact we've seen at least ten different titles this year that put women's achievements front and centre. That's no bad thing when you have a mighty girl at home who loves to read about amazing female role models who achieved incredible things at a very young age.

"Girls who Rocked the World" collects together some really cool historical women (and some who are still kicking butt today in their chosen fields) and shows how they have triumphed in a fantastically diverse selection of roles and research.

You'll get to know more about well known figures such as Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie, Coco Chanel and Anna Pavlova, but also figures that your mighty girls at home might not be so familiar with - such as Winter Vanecki, creator of the non-profit organisation Team Winter, and Jazmin Whitley the youngest designer ever to show a collection at the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Whatever your girls want to be when they grow up, this book imparts a hugely positive message. You can live your dreams, you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be and these amazing women have proved it.

An absolutely scintillating read and it's so great to see this being reprinted.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Reading more about Coco Chanel (one of her "When I grow up I want to be" goals is to become a fashion designer!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A superb and very timely reprint of a book that's sure to dazzle and inspire young girls, and prove to them that they can do absolutely anything they want to do, and achieve their goals and dreams. Fab-U-Lous!!!

"Girls who Rocked the World" by Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden is out now, published by Simon and Schuster Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).