Thursday, 23 November 2017

Stupendous Science by Rob Beattie and Sam Peet (QED Publishing)

The huge surge in interest in STEM subjects amongst children is a fantastic thing to see... is the rise and rise of brilliant non-fiction books showing kids how they can bring science into the home, with tons of brilliant tricks and experiments they can get right on and try out themselves.

In the case of "Stupendous Science" with brilliant coded pages to let you know when you can get on with things yourself, or ask an adult to supervise and help (what a fantastic idea!)

This book is a real whopper, a hardback book stuffed with 70 cool experiments you can do at home, with a bit of scavenging and scrounging for most of the bits you'll need.

You can make some really cool things, like a projector for your mobile phone, a super-cool spy periscope, a groovy lava lamp or even ice cream using salt (eh? Well we'll try anything once!)

Rob's clear and concise writing is underpinned by uber-cool stylised illustrations from Sam Peet, making the presentation of this book really fantastic and eye-catching.

It's another brilliant home science book, and we can't get enough of 'em

"Stupendous Science" by Rob Beattie and Sam Peet is out now, published by QED (kindly supplied for review).