Thursday, November 9, 2017

Optical Illusions by Gianni Sarcone and Marie Jo Waeber (QED Publishing)

Don't let your eyes play tricks on you, this is a mind-bending and dazzlingly exciting book for kids (and adults) who love awesome visual trickery.
"Optical Illusions" by Gianni Sarcone and Marie Jo Waeber gathers together tons and tons of amazing tricks that really will impress, befuddle and dazzle you in equal measure.

Find out just how far you can trust your own peepers with amazing classic illusions mixed in with more up-to-date stuff to try out on your friends and family.

Can you see an image in those Magic Eye illusions?

Can you tell the difference between shades of grey?

The book is beautifully presented with a cool illusion on the front that moves and presents a superbly dizzying pattern (move it around with your fingers for maximum effect).

Such a great book this, guaranteed to keep your little ones amused and absorbed for ages.

"Optical Illusions" by Gianni A Sarcone and Marie-Joe Waeber is out now, published by QED (kindly supplied for review).