Friday 10 November 2017

ReadItDaddy's Second Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 10th November 2017 - "This Book is a Planetarium (and other extraordinary Pop-up Contraptions) by Kelli Anderson (Chronicle Books)

Our Second Picture Book of the Week has to be one of the most amazing feats of paper engineering we've ever seen...
"This Book is a Planetarium" at first glimpse looks pretty self explanatory (and I'm slightly worried that this might actually put a few people off).

Sure enough, Kelli Anderson's beautifully engineered book is a Planetarium but it doesn't stop there. Kelli goes to every length to show just what can be done with humble paper forms in a book that really pushes the notion of 'book as plaything' further than I think we've ever seen it pushed.

The delicious thing about this book is what children will learn from it. Not just about stars and the night sky, but they'll learn how a humble book can become a speaker for your mobile phone's tinny little noisemaking device. Rack up your favourite tune, slot your phone into the book and VOILA!

Don't look away just yet, this book has more dazzling feats of derring do. It can become a spirograph (and 'kids' of a certain age may remember hour after hour spent with those bits of plastic as 70s kids, drawing intricate designs with cog-toothed wheels and templates).

Add some paper, get some pens and make some truly awesome designs, all with the aid of this book!
The book is also a fantastic decoding device. Make your own secret messages and get your friends to decode them...

Decoder and perpetual calendar. Find out what day your birthday will fall on in 2026!
Our favourite definitely had to be the noisemaker though. Grab the cardboard plectrum and strum along to your favourite music!

Drive your parents crazy by strumming this cool stringed instrument. All tucked inside this amazing book!
It truly is a fantastic idea, executed expertly by a doyen of papercrafting.

"This Book is a Planetarium" by Kelli Anderson is out now, published by Chronicle Books (kindly supplied for review).