Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Makes Me a Me? By Ben Faulks and David Tazzyman (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

For all the bumph and bluster about 'Celebrity' children's book authors, you have to give credit to those folk who can actually really write beautiful books...
Ben (Mr Bloom) Faulks and David Tazzyman's latest collaboration "What Makes Me a Me?" perfectly weaves a tale of a little boy who has a million and one questions, but the most important question of all is "Who am I?"

Ben's lyrical writing style fits perfectly with David's fabulous child-friendly illustrations for kids to see if they can try and answer that question themselves.

Are they fast and speedy like a sports car?

Perhaps they're slow like a snail (and yep, we can definitely vouch for Charlotte becoming very snail-like when it's time for bed or time to get up for school!)

This is the sort of book that works on so many levels. Kids with reading confidence will love the easy flow of the story, and it's a perfect tale to read aloud to your tiny ones before you tuck them up in bed (but don't worry, they'll dream up a zillion more questions for you while they sleep!)

"What Makes Me a Me" by Ben Faulks and David Tazzyman is out now, published by Bloomsbury Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).