Sunday 10 December 2017

Booky Advent Calendar 2017 Day 10: "The Snowbear" by Sean Taylor and Claire Alexander (Words and Pictures)

As soon as the calendar turns over for December, we're longing for Snow (though it's not much fun to try and commute through, it is lovely to imagine that the dusty cobweb-covered old sledge in the loft might get some action this year).

Imagine being tiny again, and looking out your window at the flurries and drifts of snow, and all the endless possibilities for fun that can be had.

That's what Sean Taylor and Claire Alexander perfectly capture in our Booky Advent Calendar book for Day 10, "The Snowbear".

Snow comes in the middle of the night, and Iggy and Martina can't wait to get out in it and make a snowbear.

They then go on an exhilarating sled ride that takes them deep into the woods, but how will they get back home again? 

Beautiful snowy landscapes and the sort of story that pinches your cheeks with that frisson of winteryness. Love it!
It's going to take a touch of snowy magic for the pair to find a way back to their cosy little house. 

Oh my! A moment of danger and excitement. 
The story builds up to quite an exciting climax as Martina and Iggy end up in a dangerous situation a long way from safety, only to discover an unexpected ally in a real wow moment in the story that's sure to delight little ones. 

Such beautiful characterful artwork to underpin a story that's destined to become a christmas classic
We always wonder if we're ever going to see the next Christmassy classic in the making on the blog when the new year's crop of christmassy / snowy stories arrive. It looks like we have a winner here, this is as close to christmassy wintry perfection as you can get!

"The Snowbear" by Sean Taylor and Claire Alexander is out now, published by Words and Pictures (kindly supplied for review).