Monday, December 11, 2017

Booky Advent Calendar 2017 Day 11: "Angel's Great Escape" by Kirstie Rowson and Kristyna Litten (And So We Begin)

We're returning to a fantastic story that, way back in the archives, we first took a look at in E-Book form all the way back in 2012.

Back then, our review (and a previous Booky Advent Calendar entry for the iBook / Kindle version) spoke very highly of this charming and beautifully written story, brought to life with wonderful festive illustrations.

Secretly though, we always wanted this one to become a print book - and now it has, in fact we somehow missed out on reviewing this print book version for our last set of christmas roundup reviews - so we're happy to rectify that (thanks to Kirstie) with a closer look at the glorious print version.

'Angel's Great Escape' tells the festive tale of some unwanted christmas decorations, doomed to be thrown away by a very mean pair of humbug-scoffers (and their rather nasty little moggy!)

The decorations hatch a plan. They want to live with a loving caring family who will put them on their tree and display them proudly. It's time to escape!

As the snow crunches underfoot, Angel and her friends bravely venture out on a journey to find a new home. Unfortunately, a nasty scratchy moggy is in hot pursuit!

Christmas is saved! Thanks to the big guy in the red suit! 

Thus begins a race against time, and a wonderful christmas story with all the right ingredients to keep your little ones enthralled. Even now, as a fussy middle-grader Charlotte remembered the story from when we'd read it in electronic formats, and we snuggled down together for another enjoyable read through. 

The print version is sublime, and definitely belongs on our Advent Calendar this year. You can get the book from most retailers (and Amazon of course). 

"Angel's Great Escape" by Kirstie Rowson and Kristyna Litten is out now, published by "And So We Begin" (kindly supplied for review).