Friday 1 December 2017

Booky Advent Calendar Day 1: "Snow" by Sam Usher (Templar)

We thought we'd slip in a fabulous book along with our first Booky Advent Calendar day.

Sam Usher's seasons and weather books are an utter delight, and so we couldn't resist the feelgood "Snow", once again bringing back happy childhood memories of "PROPER" snow (none of that woolly stuff us poor southerners seem to get nowadays).

Little Sam is hopping from foot to foot with excitement. There has been a fresh fall of snow overnight and no-one's been out in it yet.

But Sam has to wait for Grandad - who seems to be taking FOREVER to get ready. Once Sam has all his snow gear on, and Grandad has stopped fussing about, they realise the whole world has passed by their door - but there's always still time to get involved with snowman making and a snowball fight with your friends (we rather loved Grandad's awesome method of batting away those rogue snowballs to win the contest!)

Wrap up warm, it's cold outside!
Everything about this book sums up our feelings about snowy playdays. Those first crisp steps out into the snow, and then of course the utter chaos of going somewhere public and getting wrapped up in all sorts of snowy antics...

Come on Grandad, stop lagging behind!
Gorgeous book this,  we particularly liked the board book version with its 'crispy snowy' cover.

"Snow" by Sam Usher is out now, published by Templar (kindly supplied for review)