Friday 1 December 2017

ReadItDaddy's First Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 1st December 2017 - "Cook in a Book - Tacos" by Lotta Nieminen (Phaidon)

It's not Taco Tuesday (alas!) but we're all over this fantastic book for our Picture Book of the Week this week. Let's cook in a book!
The "Cook in a Book" series has been one of Charlotte's favourite 'board book' ideas. She absolutely adored the "Pizza" edition and now thanks to Lotta Nieminen, we now have the superb "Tacos!" as well.

Strange though it may seem to not only find that this book is such a colossal fave with a busy 9 year old (despite being aimed at a far younger age) but also to find that this book requires no food, but will still have you chopping, mixing and making, it's only once you dive in that things become a lot clearer.

Again, Lotta has perfected the art of bridging the gap between books and toys with a truly interactive experience for busy little hands.

Inside the book you'll find all the ingredients you'll need for the perfect taco...

Are you ready? You have the ingredients, you have the kitchen items, now let's COOK!
Each page spread features a different 'interactive' element - care to mix up some Guacamole? We love this stuff so let's learn how!

Ooooh Guacamole! It's a bit like 'Whack a mole" but without any moles. Or whacks. 
Thanks to some rather cool card and paper engineering, this really becomes a fun book to flick through - and as I said, Charlotte full-on DEMANDED that this one became a book of the week purely because she loves the series so much (I haven't told her that there's a third book all about pancakes, I don't think I could stand the squeeeeing that would result if I did).

What a truly brilliant idea, and a worthy book of the week!

Charlotte's best bit: Chopping up the ingredients with a tiny little cardboard knife. Chop chop!

Daddy's favourite bit: a beautifully presented book with superb interactive elements to top any app out there. The "Cook in a Book" series really is superb in every way, we would love to see a whole library of titles like this.

"Cook in a Book - Tacos" by Lotta Nieminen is out now, published by Phaidon (kindly supplied for review).