Monday, 22 January 2018

A triple-whammy of amazing titles coming from Lantana in 2018, celebrating original and diverse stories.

Once again we're thrilled to see what Lantana Publishing have in store for us in the coming year.

We've been in awe of three new titles coming up in March, April and May (and believe me, they'll soon whizz around so you won't really have that long to wait.

First up is "Kaya's Heart Song" by Diwa Tharan Sanders and Nerina Canzi.

This delightful and gentle story offers up a sublime slice of mindfulness, particularly needed by children who increasingly have so much to deal with in their young lives.

Kaya is looking for her heart song - the song that happy hearts sing. 

Her search takes her on a journey deep into the jungle where a broken down carousel waits for a very special song to make it turn again.

Gorgeous, gorgeous artwork and a thought provoking story. "Kaya's Heart Song"
Grounded in the principles of mindfulness and with a helpful information section at the back of the book to further our understanding of what mindfulness means, this joyful story set in the vibrant jungles of Malaysia will truly make your heart sing. It really is utterly mesmerisingly beautiful. 

"Kaya's Heart Song" by Diwa Tharan Sanders and Nerina Canzi is out on the 8th March 2018, published by Lantana Publishing. 

Next, coming in April 2018 is "Nimesh the Adventurer" by Ranjit Singh and Mehrdokht Amini. 

This time we're exploring the boundless imaginations of children, in particular young Nimesh who turns every single humdrum everyday event into a fine adventure, thanks to his amazing powers of creativity. 

School is over and Nimesh is about to walk home. 

He will cross the road, pass the bakery, walk through a park and eventually find himself in his own street. 

Perfectly normal, right? Wrong! 

If you decide to join Nimesh on his walk home from school, your journey will be anything BUT normal. 

You can be whoever you want to be, if you just use a little imagination! "Nimesh the Adventurer"
There will be dragons and sharks and pirates and maybe even a princess... A fun-filled story about a little boy with a BIG imagination, Nimesh the Adventurer will surely make even the dullest journey a dazzling adventure.

This is such a fun book, again with glorious art and a really positive and vibrant buzz about it. 

"Nimesh the Adventurer" by Ranjit Singh and Mehrdokht Amini is released on 5th April 2018, published by Lantana Publishing. 

Finally a thoroughly modern fable that instantly feels like a classic...

"You're Safe with Me" by Chitro Soundor and Poonam Mistry is a glorious bedtime story from deep within the Indian jungle. 

As night-time draws in, all the baby animals in the jungle begin to settle down for a good night's sleep. 

Tonight however there's a raging storm. None of the baby animals can settle, but they know that when they snuggle up to their parents, they'll always be safe. 

Mama Elephant is on hand to provide soothing words of wisdom, and soon the storm will subside and sleep will drift along until the sun rises high once again in the morning. 

This really is a dazzling book, soothing for bedtimes but with really amazing artwork that twinkles just like the night sky. Wow. 

All the stars in the sky. Stunning artwork in "You're Safe with Me"

"You're Safe with Me" by Chitro Soundor and Poonam Mistry is out on 3rd May 2018, published by Lantana Publishing. 

(All books very kindly supplied for review).