Thursday, 25 January 2018

Rainforest by Julia Groves (Child's Play)

One of the most important habitats for a huge diverse range of species, the Rainforest is definitely something that children will love learning about from a really early age.
Julia Groves' new book "Rainforest" delves into the deep cover of the lush green jungle and finds a surprising and vibrant range of different animals, plants and birds all nestling under that dense forest cover.

As well as the more familiar animal species, tinies will love learning about the more obscure ones that also dwell in this sadly endangered habitat.

Introducing children as early as possible to the environmental issues our planet faces, and showing them what we stand to lose if we carry on with mass deforestation really is important, and Julia does an amazing job of showing just what's at stake in a book that purposely keeps the word count low, and lets the dazzling visual splendour of her gorgeous illustrations take over and convey a powerful message effectively.

Definitely a brilliant 'first animal book' for any child.

"Rainforest" by Julia Groves is out now in paperback, published by Child's Play Publishing

(Kindly supplied for review).