Wednesday, 24 January 2018

My Colourful Chameleon by Leonie Roberts and Mike Byrne (QED)

Mischief, multicoloured mischief is the order of the day in this most unusual tale of a girl and her fabulously weird pet...
Leonie Roberts and Mike Byrne make a fantastic team bringing us a gloriously original and fun new story from QED Storytime Books.

"My Colourful Chameleon" stars a little girl and her enviable pet. I say "enviable" because C is absolutely obsessed with lizards and I think if she could get around Mummy, she'd absolutely LOVE a chameleon as a pet.

Of course, this would be fine if the chameleon was well behaved - but the little critter in this story just LOVES to hide. Which of course is very easy when you can change to almost any colour or shade you like.

A very mischievous pet. "My Colourful Chameleon"
We love the way this story unfolds and the poor exasperated parents who inevitably end up searching high and low for this very naughty pet.

Oh dear!! Kids are willing to overlook their pets' foibles. Parents? Not so much...
Eventually Mum and Dad are so ticked off that there seems nothing else for it, until the kooky Chameleon proves herself in a most unusual way. Maybe a strange swivelly-eyed pet isn't so bad after all.

It's a really unusual and fantastic little story this, a riot of fun and explosive colour which we really do need this early in January when everything seems grey and miserable. Glorious and funny storytelling, absolutely wonderful art by Mike Byrne (the sort of illustrator you'd really hope you got paired with for your debut book).

C's best bit: Chameleon and cat (cat never seems to be fooled by Chameleon's expert camouflage!)

Daddy's fave bit: A fantastic, fun and original story of a most unusual pet. Gorgeous book this!

(Kindly supplied for review)

"My Colourful Chameleon" by Leonie Roberts and Mike Byrne is out now, published by QED.