Wednesday, 31 January 2018

"The Big Red Rock" by Jess Stockham (Child's Play)

Here's a fantastic and fun tale teaching children the value of working together to solve a problem. In this case a rather big red problem...
In Jess Stockham's fabulous "The Big Red Rock" we meet Bif, a strange little green creature who finds a rather monumental problem one morning after a brief stroll.

A huge red rock is blocking Bif's path. He can't go under it, he most certainly can't go under it and there's definitely no walking through it!

There's nothing else for it - Bif decides that it just has to go.

But how? 

Nothing he tries will move it. 

In the end Bif’s friend Bop comes to the rescue - he knows some monsters who might be able to help. 

At least that was the thought - but when none of their ingenious methods work, they all have to decide what to do next and after lots of headscratching, tantrums and eventually some careful planning they realise sometimes you need a mess of help to get things done. 

This is a deliciously simple yet hugely effective story with bright visuals and a great core message. Love it!

"The Big Red Rock" by Jess Stockham is out now, published by Child's Play (kindly supplied for review).