Tuesday, 30 January 2018

"The Very Long Sleep" by Polly Noakes (Child's Play)

With a corking cover that instantly makes this book feel like a classic, it's time to wake up to "The Very Long Sleep" by Polly Noakes...
Here's a book that will unexpectedly chime loudly for anyone who's ever been in a house or flat share (most of us then! It certainly takes me back to student days!)

"The Very Long Sleep" tells the story of four diverse animal characters who are the best of friends. There's wily Fox, cheery Chipmunk, cuddly Marmot and burly Bear. In fact the four are such good friends that they decide to build a forest home and live in it together.

But when winter comes, Chipmunk, Marmot and Little Bear take to their beds and begin the very long sleep, hibernating while the snow falls outside and the temperature takes a dramatic dip.

Poor Fox can’t wake them up at all.

Thus, Fox becomes lonely and confused, especially when parcels start to arrive for the other three animals.

What on earth can be in them, and will the three friends ever wake up? Will Fox be able to resist the temptation of taking a peek?

This is fantastically original and fun with the sort of feelgood end that'll make you want to cuddle your friends (or family) to let them know just how much you miss them when they're away.

"The Very Long Sleep" by Polly Noakes is out now, published by Child's Play (kindly supplied for review).