Thursday, 22 February 2018

Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee and Heath Mckenzie (Studio Press)

We beg you, we implore you...PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THIS REVIEW...!
OK, you were warned, we're now going to tell you (mercilessly) all about "Do Not Open This Book" by Andy Lee and Heath McKenzie.

As you can see, it sets its table out very early on - with a blue monster imploring you NOT to crack open the covers of this amusing tale.

"Go Read Something else" he pleads, but we've never been ones for following advice like "don't read books" so undaunted we took a deep dive in.

There's a cool story trope that we've seen a number of times that operates like this, warning the reader with every turn of the page that dire things may be in store...

Don't turn the page you say? Oh, oops...
Blue Monster is determined to keep a secret - but what is it? Obviously you'll have to ignore his pleas and find out, curious little person that you are...!

Tsk, no one does as they're told any more
Monster gets so desperate to stop you reading that he brings in the BIG guns..Mum and Dad...

Confiscate our books? HAHAHAHAHAHAH we'd like to see you try!
ANYWAY, by now you get the idea. The story trickles along but thanks to Heath's awesome art there's plenty of character here. As we say, we've seen this story theme used a few times before and if we're brutally honest, the art just about saves this one by the scruff of its neck.

"Do Not Open This Book" by Andy Lee and Heath McKenzie is out now, published by Studio Press (kindly supplied for review).