Thursday, 22 February 2018

I Say Ooh You Say Aah by John Kane (Templar Publishing)

Frustrated that there has never been a follow up to the awesome "The Book With No Pictures" by B.J. Novak? Step right this way...
John Kane's hilarious participation book "I Say Ooh, You Say Aah" is definitely cut from similar cloth to "The Book With No Pictures" but there are a couple of important differences that mean this one stands on its own two loud stampy feet.

1) There are pictures! Yes indeed, and they're rather good too

2) This book really ramps up the participation levels for those being read to rather than the reader themselves.

In "I Say Ooh, You Say Aah" you'll meet a donkey (who doesn't really wear underpants on their head) and a chaotic and crazy story that unfolds largely with your help - you the audience that is.

Early years teachers and storytellers are going to absolutely LOVE the sheer manic chaos that breaks out whenever this book is read aloud, and kids begin to realise that their 'joining in' is vitally important.

Oh the fun you're going to have with this one, truly!

"I Say Ooh, You Say Aah" by John Kane is out now, published by Templar (kindly supplied for review).